A private guided safari with Photographic Safaris is without a doubt the best way to travel through Africa and enjoy a holistic wildlife and photographic experience.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the guiding and hospitality industries our team of specialist photographic safari guides will assist you with not only planning and conceptualising your dream safari but also personally guide you throughout the itinerary to ensure that your nature experience is about you.

Whether your focus is on wildlife photography or you are more interested in an interpretive nature experience a Photographic Safaris private guide will add a relaxed professional and unique dimension to your safari.

At Photographic Safaris our aim is to change the way our clients see the world and on a private guided safari you can be assured that this is the case.

Benefits of a Private Guided Safari By Photographic Safaris

Peace of mind: From the moment you start planning your private safari until you say goodbye your private guide will be there every step of the way to make sure sure you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your experience.

Continuity: Whether you are traveling to different destinations or you are returning for a second or third safari the continuity provided by a private guide will make for a much more enjoyable and in depth wildlife experience.

Company: You decide how many people you would like to travel with – either just yourself or travel with good friends and family – the choice is yours.

Choice: Your private guide will work with you to customise everything from the level of accommodation to the destination and areas to visit in order to maximise the potential to see and photograph the key species on your list.

Collaboration: Having all worked at and guided at 5-star lodges our guides understand the importance of collaborating with the local guide and lodge staff in order to create and mould your perfect safari.

Accessibility: You will have access to your guide throughout your safari so you won’t have to wait until game drive time to ask questions on wildlife and photography.

Education: Whatever your level of photography you can be assured of leaving your Photographic Safaris private guided safari with new skills, techniques and inspiration. All our guides are involved in our various photography courses and workshops and this forms a part of the offering on every private safari.

Time: Having the time to focus on the sightings and experiences that you want to focus is priceless and your guide will assist in maximising these moments in the field.

Qualified: Every one of the Photographic Safaris private guides are qualified and experienced in the guiding and hospitality industries – something we are truly proud of and believe makes a difference to the value they bring to your Safari

Fun: The Photographic Safaris ethos has always revolved around the enjoyment of the safari experience and when you mix this with a relaxed professionalism and true passion for nature you can be assured of an incredible and fun adventure with more than a few laughs.

A private guided safari with Photographic Safaris is about more than just a trip to Africa.

It is an experience that will not only leave you wanting more but will also give you an in depth understanding and appreciation for the wild and beautiful places of Africa.

A Photographic Safaris private guided safari is about you and we look forward to changing the way you see the world.


Alex Jones

For over 10 years, Alex, with his enormous patience, Alex has captured photographs of unequalled wildlife behaviour including a solitary leopard, a 200 lbs furious tiger, a black jaguar, a cheetah, a panther, a deep glancing deer, a gymnastic lover red squirrel, mum and babe giraffes, a gorilla, a baby elephant and a beautiful flamingo flock.

His breathtaking efforts to reach the wildlife includes  his experience of the bone-freezing cold of North East China to find Siberian tigers and an up close and personal photograph of his own reflection in the eyes of a cute polar bear. He spends his year travelling to the far-flung corners of the globe in quest of the absolutely perfect wild animal photography.

“Four heart-stopping clicks a year that can hold the world for a second is my target”, Alex says.

Having witnessed first-hand the threats posed to endangered animals by habitat loss and poaching, Alex whole-heartedly hopes that his images will bring the plight of innocent jungle animals to people’s concern. Browse prints HERE.

Read about some of the exquisite wild animals that Alex has photographed and the human threats that have pulled some of them to the brink of extinction in Photographic Safaris blog. Also in the blog, find some of his popular images and eight essential rules for being a successful photographer.