Best Pantanal Jaguar 2019
Best Pantanal Jaguar 2019
Best Pantanal Jaguar 2019
Best Pantanal Jaguar 2019
Best Pantanal Jaguar 2019
Best Pantanal Jaguar 2019
Best Pantanal Jaguar 2019

Best of the Pantanal June 20th 2019 – July 4th 2019

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  • Comprehensive itinerary covering both southern and northern Pantanal
  • Visit a region in the south offering best possible chance of seeing two different anteater species
  • Visit Buraco das Araras, a sinkhole home to a colony of red & green macaws using the cliffs as nests
  • Photograph Pantaneira cowboys driving their horses on the open plains
  • 6 full days photographing Jaguars in northern Pantanal (excluding first afternoon & last morning)
  • A wealth of birdlife awaits throughout the experience, the Pantanal being home to over 700 different species alone
  • Photograph Jaguars from stable flat-bottom boat, large enough to comfortably accommodate 14 people & exclusively dedicated to The Wildlife Studio guests


This adventure is designed in order to showcase the beauty of both the southern & northern Pantanal to you. The Pantanal covers and area of nearly 200 000 square kilometres and is home to a rich variety of wildlife & exotic birds.

The adventure spans across 14 days. It will start in the southern Pantanal where you’ll go in search of the 2 anteaters species. An exciting visit to Buraco das Araras will also be included where you’ll photograph Red and Green Macaws nesting on the large sinkhole’s cliff face.

After you experience in the south you’ll travel up towards the norther region of the Pantanal where you’ll go in search of the might Jaguar. You’ll spend in excess of 6 full days on the river looking for not only Jaguars but also species such as Giant River Otters, Jacare Caiman, Capybara and even the elusive Tapier.

All in all this is one of the best offerings on the market today to explore the best that the Pantanal has to offer.

This safari will begin in Campo Grandé and end in Cuiaba.

Safari Introduction

Tucked away within the largest wetland in the world, lies a hidden paradise few have ever laid eyes upon. The sheer beauty of this landscape is unlike anything you’ve seen before, and the animals inhabiting this wildlife haven are incredibly unique and many not found elsewhere.

None of the Pantanal’s inhabitants are as sought after as the elusive Jaguar, and this incredible Photographic Safaris Safari is designed to take you into the heart of the spotted cat’s homelands as we dedicate 7 days entirely for this purpose alone.

Finding and photographing Jaguars requires time & patience. We will spend entire days (apart from lunch breaks) in search of this striking cat, and stand a good chance of not only seeing them, but also of watching them on the move as they explore their territories and go out on the hunt. You’ve travelled all the way to see them, and we have dedicated 7 days to focus solely on them and allowing you to capture an incredible portfolio of the Pantanal’s Jaguars.

There’s a wide array of other animals to be seen & enjoyed in both Northern and Southern Pantanal. We will be visiting both of these regions and therefore will allow you the opportunity to see animals such as Giant Anteaters, ocelots, different macaw species, Marsh Deer, cayman, capybaras, anacondas, primates, a massive array of bird species & much more.

There are several aspects that seperate this safari from many other to the region. Small groups in the company of a skilled photographic guide in attendance ensures no detail to attention is overlooked.

Photographic Safaris guide/s will be on hand at all times, as well as our local expert guide Ricardo Viegas. In the company of these experts you’ll be sure to both get the images you’ve dreamed of, as well as learn more about this fascinating wilderness.

The fact that we get to spend 7 days searching for and photographing Jaguars is a fantastic feature of this safari. You’ve travelled all the way to this corner of the globe, and we aim to maximize the opportunity to see the Jaguars of the Pantanal at their very best!

If you’ve always wanted to explore this magnificent region, then this exciting adventure is for you! Please note that this safari starts at Campo Grandé Airport. It ends at Cuiaba Airport.

Photographic Safaris will gladly assist with the booking of these flights as well as any accommodation before & after the safari experience.

Please get in touch with us for a more detailed safari information sheet explaining what is included, and what is not.


June, 2019

Dates: June 20, 2019 – July 4, 2019
Guide: Alex Jones
Cost: GBP 8,940.00 per single guest
Deposit: GBP 4,470.00
Max number of Photographers: 6

Safari Itinerary

Day before start of the safari.

Everybody will arrive into Campo Grandé the night before the start of the safari. Overnight at a hotel and the costs of this hotel are included in the safari cost. The flights however are excluded.

The only flight included in the safari cost will be the flight connecting the southern & northern Pantanal, roughly halfway through the safari.

Day 1:
The safari officially starts in Campo Grandé. Here we will meet with our local safari expert and co-host, Ricardo Viegas. Depart from our hotel in Campo Grandé. We will transfer to the Southern Pantanal by road & overnight.

Day 2:
We will enjoy a full day of safari in Southern Pantanal. This is the best region to sight the anteaters as well as several exciting species of birds.

Day 3:
After a morning safari we’ll transfer by road to Bonito & overnight here. In the afternoon we’ll explore a giant macaw-filled sinkhole known as Buraco das Araras.

Day 4:
We’ll be out for the full day as we explore the Buraco das Araras & also snorkeling in Rio da Prata. In the afternoon we’ll transfer by road to Campo Grandé from where we will fly to Cuiaba and overnight.

Day 5:
After enjoying breakfast we will begin our journey along the Transpantaneira Road into Jaguar territory. The entire road stretches across 146 kilometers during which you’ll cross 122 bridges. It’s a long journey and we’ll overnight at Piuval Lodge. Here we’ll enjoy an afternoon safari activity with much to see & photograph.

Day 6:
After breakfast we’ll be on the road early as we continue along the Transpantaneira Road towards our destination for the next 7 nights, Porto Jofré Hotel. We will aim to arrive in time for an afternoon boat ride on the river but there might be plenty to see & experience along the road there, we’ll play this day by ear as it would be a shame to rush it too much.

Day 7 – 12:
We’ll enjoy 6 full days of safari at Porto Jofré. This will include 2 boat rides daily. We will head back to camp for lunch only and other than that spend the bulk of the day on the river looking for exciting wildlife such as Jaguar, capybara, giant otters, cayman, anaconda, macaws, tapyr and much more.

Day 13:
We’ll depart camp in the morning and begin our trek back along the Transpantaneira Road, this time overnighting at Hotel Pantanal Mato Grosso. An afternoon activity will be enjoyed and there will be time to relax and to look back over the adventures of the last 2 weeks. We’ll overnight here.

Day 14:
Early morning transfer to Cuiaba where the safari officially ends. From here a flight will take you back to Sao Paulo for your international departure flights back home. The costs of this flight is not included in the safari cost.

Headquarters: Photographic Safaris, Nairobi 

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